LYNX Computer Services provides a high quality, personalised approach in working with businesses. We make sure we understand your business when ascertaining your computer hardware and networking needs.

We form a long-term relationship with our customers which not only enables us to understand their hardware requirements but the familiarity with their computer systems & network enables us to guarantee its long term efficiency and steady operation.

The Directors of Lynx Computer Services have over 30 Years of " Hands On" Experience in the Computer Industry. Both directors have an engineering background and currently work in all facets of the business ensuring a high quality service.

LYNX engineers are familiar with many types of peripherals and operating systems in the computer industry. This means we can ensure that the correct equipment for the job is installed at your place of business, the first time every time. Through affiliation with authorized service centres, if a problem does occur, your equipment is repaired properly and returned to you with a minimum of down time.

When we say "response" time it means we are there and looking at your problem. We do not organise couriers to pickup equipment, as is the case with many other companies. We will be there for you when you need us.

A Strategy For The Future

The one certain thing about Information Technology is that everything is changing and everything you buy will be out of date eventually. No one can guarantee otherwise but we try to minimize the dilemma by offering solutions that do not leave you boxed into a corner. We try to build flexibility into our systems and avoid situations which force you to rely solely on a single manufacturer.

Our experience is that haphazard purchasing will never enable you to get the full benefit from your investment: Our policy is to make sure that every purchase is a positive step to a better system.

There is often no substitute for a visit to your site to assess your equipment and see the way you work.

We believe that time spent on initial discussions can repay a dividend in terms of enhanced performance.

So when a customer contacts us asking for a piece of equipment our response will usually be to find out what he is hoping to achieve with it, what applications are to be used and what other equipment is already installed. Only when we are sure that we have the right solution will we quote a price.

We are not " upgrade junkies ". We believe that there must be a return on investment before recommending an upgrade or any equipment change. Often people get caught up in marketing hype without considering the benefits achieved.

Computers are a powerful tool to be used to enhance your business and reduce your costs.

If computers are costing your business money then you are buying from the wrong people.

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